About “Project Katie”

Studiox9 is in the process of working on “Project Katie”. Katie Cole is a senior citizen who, until recently, lived with her family in a house which had been her family’s home for generations. Katie grew up here and then raised her own son and two grandsons. Having worked for 32 years in local hospitals, she enjoyed simple things, like the stately columns by her front door. Her picture window was her window on the world. But Katie’s dreams went up in smoke when an electrical fire destroyed her home. Now the columns are burned and crumbling; the picture window, boarded up; her home too dangerous for habitation. Without warning, Katie’s home insurance was cancelled, and she has no money to fix the home where her family’s character was fashioned for six generations.  

Katie is not the only senior in this predicament in our community. Some concerned people of faith are strategizing to find solutions. They include Ethel Garrett, Co-Chair of West End Hope in Action and advocate for the West End Community; Chuck Bayne from Urban Connection, a community worker/instigator associated with West End Hope in Action; Fernando Trujillo, owner of My Brother’s Keeper Construction; Anya Bartay, President of Studiox9; Dee Dee Sedgwick, Executive Director of Blue Print Ministries; Ralph and Debbie Gibson, owners of Debsteel, Inc., a steel erection business; Bud Abbott, owner of Abbott Consulting; Ignacio Perez, a community developer; Reinette King, a contract writer; and Pastor Joe E. Barber, Senior Pastor of St. Luke Baptist Church, where Katie has been a member all her 72 years.  

In order to protect the safety of the neighborhood, the city had to declare Katie’s home dangerous premises. The city would have demolished Katie’s home and charged her over $7,000, which she doesn’t have. However, Alamo 1 stepped up to the plate and will demolish her home and clear the site for free! Later we want Katie to have a new home rebuilt onsite with stately columns and a picture window to give her back her window on the world. A footprint and design of a new home have been developed. We are contributing our time and skills, but materials cost money.

Will you provide materials to build Katie a new home? 

Please contact Reinette King at 210.241.2683 or email her at reinette3@gmail.com to let her know how you will help. 

Checks may be made payable to St Luke Baptist Church, marked “KATIE PROJECT” in the “For” block and mailed to:

St Luke Baptist Church
1903 W. Poplar Street
San Antonio, TX  78207

Your gifts are tax deductible 
for income tax purposes.